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July 13, 2021 |

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an archetypical day so far we stand for assembly and rite for familys to profit and a series of all-time highs with a strong opening on Monday.
an archetypical day. inflation looks bad so stocks go down 1000 but bonds go up 10 ticks
but everything's infrastructure. nw it will be harder to promote unionization
which of these words will lead to greatest suppression, anti-americanism, the artistic son, the american flag raised in south, unionization
a certain economist from chicago noted that comerce creates freedom. no better example of this than the grey lady displaying a 1st page ad for patrick o brian works which are heroic and support the great contirbution of the English Navy to civilizatn in 19th century
finally the anti-americanism reaches a maximorum and by comparison its a maximum


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