June 30, 2021 |

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i am asked for best western films that do not show hatred and shame of Americanism. i would recommend these be heard on audible, especially The Time It Never Rained.
one notes that the 50 best westerns recommended are heavy on debunking of the spirit of individualism and adventure that characterizes the best westerns i would recommend High Noon, The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance, Shane, and the stage coach movies.
i don't watch movies to great extent nowadays as it hurts my eyes and makes me late for 7am ET markets. would some readers recommend heroic westerns that don't depend on a single fast gunfighter like the clint eastwood sagas? i like monte walsh for what it could have been.
when i wish to regain the spirit of adventure, americanism, individualism, and heroism nowadays that used to characterize westerns, i listen to the patrick obrian novels, narrated by patrick tull. it is ironic that an english author provides so much of this.
any westerns by Jack Schaeffer contain the understanding of nature that Loui Lamour has with good character development and appreciation of women and heroism.
for timeless adventure and understanding of place and relevance to current days, whenever i have a bad day in markets and are displeased with modern trends i like to listen to don quixote. it requires a day and a half of listening from start to finish but any snippets, chapters.


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