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June 28, 2021 |

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"A nation need not be a mob of slaves, clinging to one another through fear, and for the most part incapable of self-government, and begging to be led; but it might consist of vigorous self-reliant men, knit to one another by innumerable ties, into a strong, tense, and elastic organisation."
- Francis Galton
one can agree with the thought that energy is the most salient characteristic of eminent persons, and that sports provides a useful model of what energy can accomplish, and how the incentive to work changes but as to how that affects markets, it must be tested.
near the beginning of racket games one often allows the opponent to win a point with a drop shot. invariably this leads to the opponent losing 5 times as many points when they try the drop shot later in the game. How can a  political party be so naive as to accept a deal on infrastructure that is sure to be followed by a request and exhortation for 6 times as much infrastructure in the more important later stages of the match. it requires the blessing of useful and envious idiots.





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