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June 24, 2021 |

just read meredith wilson's book on work involved in writing The Music Man. so many details involved in the 7 years it took to write the musical and get it produced…last minute changes in previews in Philly and on opening nite. tension and anxiety simlar to waiting for certain premier similar to con man in music man in talking about the sagacity of a leader in the us.  but he did know the territory.
self-interview part 7: i like musicals. I've seen all of them. Jack Barnaby started my interest when he played pirates of penzance in my brighton beach home. i had just come from a disastrous event. Ned Bigelow was the main sponsor of squash in that day. he was 80 and was the worst referee in the world besides stu bruans. I thanked bigelow after the game and he said "i didnt do much." I said "that's rite." that remark cost the squash association hundreds of thousands of dollars. I didn't know any gilbert and sullivan then but subsequently saw every show of theirs especially enjoying the bluehill performances (who played the whole repertoire of 22 shows in order, each one magnificent). I knew I was in love with susan my wife at 22 when I called her from a pay phone (something i never did because i am a germaphobic) and told her that she must see the blue hill performance of Mikado. i subsequently saw bluehill perform Mikado on 4 separate occasions each 10 years apart. in addition to G&S, i admire oscar hammerstein as one of the greatest poets of the 20th century.
I wish to tell about the 3 greatest hero set pieces in all literature which sustain me and is one of the most ennobling experiences of my life. the three are the railroad scene from atlas shrugged, the stock scene with jack aubrey's old shipmates all come to prevent the enemies and insiders from throwing rocks at him, and the scene from meredith wilsons' book, the music man, where the understudy performs the whole show with 3 hours notice in Philly with the whole cast cuing and rooting him on. I am at the stage where any set piece in a musical is likely to make me cry (a characteristic i inherited from artie).
the other reason I am writing this selfie now is that it's just a matter of time perhaps a day or two at most when the S&P will rise to yet another all time high. its' been 7 days since the last all time high, and that's too long. i hope this guess is compensation for you for reading my stories inscribed in this selfie in the middle of a critical market.


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