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June 20, 2021 |

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"agreement reached that we will not rock the boat tomorrow but will show our steadfastedness and support in the twins agenda thereby reenforcing our job longevity and our market value on the speakership trail"
we try to set an example for all our employees and customers. do everything by the book and dont let your guard down. and especially if we are virtuous ourselves lets make sure that the customers are doubly virtuous.
fed adopts approach to averaging that shiller, working adopted. let average stay at 2% but the current level be 10% and the past levels be 1%. it averages to 2% the same way p/e are 100 if you use earnigns 20 years ago. 
whats it like to be a big brokerage with constant calls on the market — which must be wrong in order to make profits for oneself.
what can we learn in markets from how things are seldom what they seem and what can i learn so as not to lose all  followers: Deception in animals
i am asked whether the big up move in bonds and the big down move in stocks portends anything predictive. on a qualtiative basis the big move in stocks was due to option expiration and the opportunity for the big boys in the infranstructure to take money from the public.
qualtiatively there is no reason for bonds to be up and stocks to be down. if there is inflation worries, then bonds should have been down big. but there are no inflation worries. only oldhearted men who refuse to adjust are concerned about inflation with bonds at this level.
however on a quant basis the stocks seem to have a bad monday in for them.  if same happens, there should be a big rise on Tuesday in stocks. the spus at a 18-day low, not quite a 20-day low, to remove all frustration when  the frustration is released by a 20 day lo, then S&P way up.


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