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June 20, 2021 |

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Nadal and Djokovic are incredibly slow for great players. they cant get to 3/4 of all the drop shots hit their opponent. Djokovic stretches too often from  base line instead of taking the extra step. i understand that Chrissie said it was the greatest match but from the screen it looked lackluster. one thing we can all learn from the match is to stop exulting and playing for the audience. if they each stopped emoting when they won a point, they'd have much more energy and concentration at the end. a market player should not talk or emote ever,
a good fast player gets to every drop shot. i never let the ball bounce twice against me in racket sports and i wasn't even fast. also, their overheads were hit down the middle not for winners like Federer. Nadal 's lugubrious style makes him slow to front.
by the way i admittedly was the slowest top squash player and had the lowest physical IQ of any players. but when I played tennis i never let an opposing drop shot bounce twice against me. i played thousands of tennis matches and was number 1 on very weak Harvard tennis teams.
finally my prediction of Nadal's decline comes true after 12 years. he looks like he's struggling on each shot like a hippopotamus. his mechanical advantage appears to be minus.
note that my prediction was made in the midst of Nadal winning the first set. i was also the first to say that Porzingis was a liability who would hurt every team he's on and same for Dantoni. i wish my knowledge and predictions of markets were half as good as my racket.
a wristy shot is destined to lose in the pinch in tennis or markets. that's why Tsitsipas will never win and how one predicted Novak would win and why flagellations at the close are non-starters.


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