Selected tweets, June 8-9

June 16, 2021 |

June 8

One woke up as if in a nitemare and heard a former candidate saying "we have to keep climate from advancing more than 1 1/2 degrees."  next a shot across the bow from the camp: "it would be fine if interest rates were to increase. and don't let this hinder the infrastructure."

amid the 99% anti-former-president news on Bberg, one occasionally heard an unbiased and unrehearsed piece. the chief scientist at John Hopkin opined that those who were vaccinated had no reason to wear a mask as they weren't susceptible or transmissible.
June 9
i have found that all my interactions with police and judges where i have stood on principle have ended up in disasters for me. I am often asked what artie would say about police diversity interactions these days. i believe he would have been in favor of a civilian corps to monitor traffic infractions. But his student, Bill McCarty, author of Vice Cop and holding the record for number of arrests, believes that problem is that now the arrested are resisting it rather than peaceably acceding. presumably the hate of police in the air engendered by the agrarians who wish to destroy civility incentivizes the problem.
Delta airlines came within a whisker of removing me from the plane. There were an infinity of progressive things   that were endemic and carefully mentored but little attention to passenger comfort, e.g. gates 1/2 mile from baggage claim that was cryptic.
in earlier days, i would have insisted that it was ridiculous to be timed on the interval between eating and masking, that i insisted on being left alone. but then the stewardess had the captain announce a warning that fbi and red coats would be waiting for any violators.
i come back from chicago. susan knows i'm too cantankerous to survive (how close i came to being arrested) but that's another story. worst of all is wheeling my luggage. i cant do it and am too proud to call for a wheelchair. sure enuf when I reach the baggage floor, there's susan. she's gently telling  the delta policeman that they shouldn't explode my lonely bag — that  her husband is always late.


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