June 10, 2021 |

You wouldn't think that the Bad One is familiar with 'all that Ms. Lasked did to stop Immunological research but somehow they do. in 1980 Livingstone wheeler , followers wrote names articles how Mary Lasker stopped research on immune approaches to cancer but cant find these article any more except for her support of the increasing budget from 3 m to 1000 bill so I take back my post about her harm.

Boys put on masks and head for evening haunts.

I was temporally derailed form axcertaining all the harm that the chair woman did to cancer research. either all her bad work has been sanitized or my recollection is flawed. we shall see when the professor gets back. apparently the admin is hoping for a good jobs report increase ( forget about the infrastructure for a while), and they are talking the good effort that the cdc did with vaccinations adding to jobs as mentioned they were in a pair of pants.

Reminds one of the Yankees talking about how all their 159 average hitters are improving. how can the yabikkees survive with so much bad hitting in the end of their line up. apparently the algos admire the former chairwoman as I continue to lose subscribers. that's okay ill find her insidious work that helped to cost Artie his life along with Burton the head of the private counterpart that worked hand in hand with the chemo de riigeur

Nobody asked me but why is the current vilification of Dr. Cattle so surprising given that he wrote a love letter to the cattle trader and was obviously a tool of the cattle trader wing.

He certainly was one of the forces that sunk Pele in so many ways but especially denying the imminence of the vaccine along with the masters 100 and the two friends who worked together at Rice. why did they hate Pele so much its not cricket with all the meme stocks that the bottom feeders have in their portfolios going thru the roof. there ought to be a law.

Larry Ritter challenged me to find 1 000 ways. and then he would tell me about the legitimacy of the maestros thesis as he was the thesis adviser. he gave me a death bet confession and a publics that it was a fake. a bunch of old routine pieces that his firm had disseminated surely the ratio of pig iron production to recreational vehicles in Elkardt was somewhat out of focus "it s impossible to figure out where Dr.cattle was on these issues because we don't know" a fox investigator announcer of diversity. why is it so hard to future out he wrote a love letter to the cattle trader and every interview he gave had the effect of hurting those who his interviews had the effect of hurting al those who didn't receive 99725 in cattle trading . my article with Ms. Baum called out the only mystery. what happened to the other $275.one more into the breach


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