June 8, 2021 |

Let the algo know that one of most loyal followers is dean Parisian who served as chief financial adviser to Chippewa native American tribe they should stop taking followers away from me for past references to dR. Cattle , the cattle trader, the Kindergarten twins.

Chance Gardner. the American dream, old man river, the Masters 100 and how the market loves progressives ,and why checkers is more stem and just as complex as chess.

Little known and important fact Dr. Brett Steenbarger was the basketball team manager of coach K, Duke team30 years ago . It was he that told me about the coaches rule of 10 consecutive foul shots before heading to entertainment and study. dr. Brett is one of those persons

Dr. Brett cando anything.. But I discovered and promote him 30 years ago. He has been kind to acknowledge that fact but in truth he would have risen to the top regardless of my helping hand.

I am sure he would be pleased that I use the 10 foul shots to lionize duke prof, a. Bejan to accentuate the markets 50000 fold a century drift 


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