May 25, 2021 |

A non-handian run of 9 extremes of red or blue. thanks to Aubrey for showing me how to use snipping tool correctly.

There's still a little bit more from top feeders to take from the public.. any little thing is enough.

Reminiscing at a party where a solutuosu guest told Artie that she could defend herself form Mugging with karate she and learned. Now Artie was at Brooklyn collage in wrestling and boxing and football

To be a cop in those days you had to pass a physical that 1 in 200 passed. at the party goers urging Artie grabbed the karate woman in a hold and she meekly surrendered. That was the only time in 40 years of marriage I ever saw my mother Artie fight

True story. but what was the wrestling hold that Artie put her into?

At this rate I wont have any followers left lost about 50 today must have been that Milton Friedman article about why some who were non-establishment became anti establishment and anti capitalist. One must no use the term of their faith here. would be interested to see if founder of Facebook is ashamed also took a half hour longer than usual to hit lows once more into the breach.

Interesting descriptive fact. only once in history had stocks stayed above opening on options expirations at 1130 looked like an anomaly at 1120


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