The day where bonds are limit up and stocks are limit down.

As usual it will be the day after every pattern, program and system designed to go all in is triggered.  These are the ghosts of traders past.
The reason is the bearded one or now the six trillion dollar man sends his Lackey on TV at 5am. All the clients of the central already knew. We are the last to know.
Due to the eco systems of the markets not our unbelievable skills and luck we escape alive.
Days later the TV Lackey disappeared and the Sixtrillion dollar man humbled comes to testify. ""It is the long term goal of the central depot to stop printing forever. 'However'it will be some time and 'measured." The reversal is reversed and Lack goes on tilt.
We run out side with 2 cans of tennis balls or kick garbage cans. I yell that's why I'm not a Lackey. I'm Lack and my forefathers left Europe 200 years ago. You Un American non play fair to win bastards!
Then I hear my Dad's voice.
Calm down son. Get back in there and do your race.
Thanks pops. Son…win.
That's why pattern day traders hate global macro. 


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