May 20, 2021 |

Starting may 10 3 reds followed by two green and this week starting with may 17 , 3 reds in a row. Mr. David hand would say this is manifestation of randomness. I say it s not random, in predictive sense.

Nice rise in gold in last 20 days from 1748 t to 1870 

He who not be mentioned pint scout the similarity of herd like behavior of oxe, birds, cats, and humans to not having to scratch on a living for themselves. everything market move is stimulus bill. the more likely the more bull

Nice article in newspaper that may not be mentioned on suppression of science articles that are not double blind but have ample supportive evidence from social media platforms.

Its a collaborators birthday today and I'm taking her to a fish dinner and thru with mutton for a day.

My favorite fish dinner is at Sam's bush street petrale with some pancake anisette from 60 years ago

looks like I may having barnacles and whelk

Perhaps some turtle soup is left.

Thought for a minute it would be collaborators treat

There stands Mr. Sogi preventing me from ordering a full bottle of the expensive sauterne 


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