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Often come across situation where we have alternate forecasts of an event. for example today, a forecasts based on the close on Friday is bearish but a forecasts base on the logoboal is bullish. how to combine? a good source with many answers is. was asked to attend sage annual meeting to discuss why not to invest in sage stock. learned from the interview. His ping pong game is poor. he hits with stiff arm. he admires wealth of nation in addition to graham books his best friend is gates.

Main lesson left out pay attention to service expenses ,save them in every conceivable way, including dividends of companies bought, and rates paid by companies owned, be strident cheerleaders for higher rates for yourself and other wealthy. bridge is good game. breaking the four minute mile in stocks. when will someone do a study of the price performance of stocks breaking 1000 for first time, like Ethereum, tesla, I tried to do this 60 years ago but haven't seen proper study since. A file including all deletions is necessary.

A nice retrospective list 

couldn't get a reservation at Keenes over weekend as it ran out of space for social distancing . so we will call that one a draw . and note that Lobogola lives 



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