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Strange as it seems my guess is that it will stop its Herculean rise in 15 miniute . and then a little negativity after that the construal's back on for a record but let me emphasize this is only a wild guess , especially when one goes against the drift.

One had a reminiscence with my latest wild guess . I wrote a book in which I suggested that practiciones that (cont)

As tom said " take care of the draws and the wins will take care of themselves. ill call this one a slit win -Darwish. with the vig I the infrastructure is the only one that profits.

One is reminder that Hobo said to me " you should pay me to be around you because I am the only one that makes you look good by comparison. the infrastrue and the market makers should pay me for making wild guesses where the only one that profits is them.

Nikkei jumps 20 as operatives exit hotel.

You have to hand it to the ingenious innovator. he realizes that only way to make a sustained profit like the palindrome and the sage and all the other bilious billionaires is to become a climate person. we're ruining things with global change. reduce the service audits by 99%

I sold some spf at 1100 pm est at 4120.00 and made a few pts out of it . unbelievably from 11000 to 1130 pm was the only half hour it went up yet. as I don't ever like to be short, I read birth to a salesman y by Walter Friedman an excellent book. I learned about ncr in 1903 " thru news letters journals and speeches, Patterson communicated his theories about work and life to ncr agents. it frequently ran articles on work of horace fletcher, the advocate of thoroughly masticating freedom he hired Charles Paalmer who displayed active

Palmer active intertext in phrenology , physiognomy.. Patterson was obsessed by the numeral 5 and we spent endless time on it. for example, 5 things they must do and 5 things they must avoid. some thought Patterson a lunatic," what company today is like the ncr of yesterday.

I often tell my kids and guests to thoroughly Fletcherite the food we have

Incredibly the pprobability of Kamala Harris versus Biden for the pres. nomination in 2024 decreased today. apparently " not supposed to speak " is a sign of strength

Boys have lots of energy after "resting with cigarette"

Hats off to the algo for figuring that one out and canceling some of my good followers who all believe like me and grand innovator in climate

There is a certain beauty and majesty as to how the lobogola today was so fateful and how deceptive it was

As the man who can not be named would say " this is a grandeur in this view of life and markets

Andy Aiken hit the nail on head Andrew Aiken via 2:52 PM (1 minute ago) to spec-list (cont)

You cant have breakfast all day

Had some mutton at Keens after doing a little shorting at close. see you fair Germany

While at Keens one mite have been able to try the mutton sampler and the Lamb with the proceeds of that last 20 pt drop if one was not just a ageing shooting star.

" No men on horses will be served at bar"


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