My current project is mentoring.  I take the perfect candidates for sales. The B C students from state school. I have two requirements for them to be hired.

First requirement is they must be an athlete.  Second requirement is they have an insecurity about their smarts.
First is easy for specs to understand why Lack would choose them. The second is a bit complex.  The gist is people that are insecure about being smart are in general smart. The passion to be their best self is the key.
Path duration outcome is what we use in sports to train prepare and race. I was never the best athlete,  even in high school. However,  when I won a  national event level race, it was most often luck by being the best prepared.
I walked the desert alone for 400 days. Jesus was perfect and did it in 40. I'm blessed to have a fantastic father that waited 4 months for me to get my head straight before he passed away. I made dad two promises.  The one I will share here today is the old Lack you remember.  Son…never ever ever give up.
Everyone gets happy and sad.  The magnitude of the emotions is what funds the psychology departments.  I found them to be fantastic in the VA type trauma ptsd Jazz. I think the Docs there are forced to learn the right path out of respect for warriors. Of course I found my brothers to be the most helpful. 
Post divorce I crashed so hard mentally we began with the hardware of the brain first.
A good question was O as messed up physically as an NFL player? How many times have I been knocked out cold racing ABA BMX on a national level? How many others riding locals or trails on my YZ80 as a 11 year old boy up thru the Army?
Next was drugs alcohol etc. No issues there as I was an athlete.  The times when I chose to not be an athlete yes I would drink too many beers. That was an easy fix. I didn't drink at all basically for 20 years. Just don't OK cool no big deal.
Yet the S Side Chicago kid knows all about the effects of drugs. I know alcohol boosts me therefore that's adrenaline.  I realized weed chills, Serotonin.
I realized my mother stresses me out and she thinks it's funny. Cortisol.  My pops is pure joy comedy get the joke son! Dopamine. 
The power of Myth Joseph Campbell was my favorite class at state school. That and Doc Fordyce the 14 fundamentals of happiness.  Why focus on bad things past life issues focus on the future.  His class book and research was focused on scientifically discovery of what makes people happy.
Any cop that knew Lackeys it was for two reasons.  We had hot rods and dirt bikes. I told you guys the story of the cop car sitting in my driveway when I pushed my dirt bike from the park past the pond thru the back yard to the hose to wash it. Dad's face was sad and disgust.  
The other that no one knows about was street racing. I did an amazing smokey burnout. It was so good the cop on his way home from work witnessed the infraction.
He was red faced furious at me. I had friends in the car.
I deserved the careless driving ticket.  He took mercy on my good attitude and did not give me wreckless. There was another problem.  Yea you guessed it. We had party paraphernalia in the floor of the back seat. 
Those days 25 years ago they invented drug court. It's a good concept.  For me it was easy and wonderful.  I do not think I had to pay a fine. The judge said hey kids. This entire episode did not happen legally if you go to class and piss clean for 30 days. I'm in!
It was so easy. My counselor was totally cool and said kid you don't have to do any of this book class stuff. Your an athlete I like you! Yaay..
UT oh whats the catch? You need to talk to someone I know in order to find out what makes you so F. In stupid to be 25 acting 15 doing burnouts on the street with others in the car and you know better your a race car driver never do that on the street again.  I'm sorry yes sir.. good get out of here knucklehead. 
Mommy and daddy issues aside they gave me 5 gold stars for my mental health and attitude.  I enjoyed the process. It was a dumb kid luck to find that path. These shrinks are cool to talk to. Lastly he said we'll Lack seeing your Irish and the drunken pirates go back 10,000 years in your genetic code and behaviors family wise what are you going to do.
I got this dude! I'll never drink again! Lack your an athlete and you know great athletes don't touch the stuff so..OK 
I believe you.  Thanks doc it's been a pleasure. 
Wait one sec kid. I have an important question.  What's one thing you can think of that would cause you to binge drink? A celebration.  No dice.
Winning the lottery? Umm no.
OK how about if your hero died.
My pops no way. Give me one.
If I lost my I dunno be married have 5 kids and an enemy warrior killed them.
Ok… I still remember the look of shock on his face. He didn't say a word. I'm gone!
Twenty five years later the divorce was final. Before I knew it I'm working the 11 to 9 shift at Toyota down town. Talk about fun!  Turns out Nashville is the girls Bachelorette go to destination. Better these 25 year old brides and friends have 45 year old single moms celebrating with them. I'm sure you get where this is going.
I'm working 6 days a week 11 to 9 staying out til 3 am and sleeping to 9 am. That's a recipe for disaster. 
Before I knew it two years went by and nothing of substance was accomplished.  It was fun until it wasn't.  Dad called. He needed me. Turns out I needed dad.
End of life Lackey stories are fantastic.  It's the lighting bolt at 80 on the 18th green after a birdie. My great grand father Lackey the Franklinian printer Rand McNally was watching a Cubs game at 93 smoking a cigar. That dude went from Dad Civil War to horse and buggy cars planes to hold me then literally see the first Man on the Moon! He was my dad's hero and taught him everything is always better.  Wow…he was the man!
I get to pops. He can't move. The 50 years of intense physical labor destroyed his body. His mind was as sharp as ever.  Son you want a beer? OK cool take it easy your brother needs you too. OK cool pops.
My brother took my dad's one truck and trailer operation and turned it 10x. They primarily mow lawns in Florida.  I remember the heat and for thus white boy it's hard. When I had to work for pops at 22 just out of Saudi it was hard. Here was Lack 50 all wet and out of racing shape.
Ninty days of that I was back at the dealership.  I had a wonderful first day. I made friends sold some cars and made some cake! Day two was a disaster. 
I sold a new priest to what I now know is a narcissistic psycho.  One of those handicapped plaque people that scream about the lack of handicapped access. From what I could tell her bad back was 99.7% better than poor pops at home couched.
This psycho screamed at my manager because I sold her a new car that was really used.
Her beef was the miles on the odometer.  It had 333… I know I disclosed that. The car was a dealer trade from 300 miles away. There was no form signed.
Life is best when you ask good questions.  I had 3. What in the hades happened? Why am absolutely in Florida in this ungodly heat? Why am I selling cars? What past sins did I do that I'm obviously unaware of to cause me to be divorced lose my family unit?
What saved me was family.  Sure pops bro and sissy. 
My kids. They are fantastic. They were my best allies always cool never once got pissed off at me. That's remarkable. 
Of course they never blamed me. It wasn't my fault! I wasn't the guy that did not want to be married and happy.
Or was it?
I had a panic attack at the dealership. I don't think since the 100 hours in 91 I've had such a feeling of being scared to death, but not afraid to die.
Brothers of this August list if you know anything know this.
A warrior is capable of anything in that state.
I came home and dad said your early.  The words that came out of my mouth were from the history channel.  My dad said son.  I need you to stay in the house. Do not leave stay off the sauce and go to bed.. oh first go ride your bike run puke then take a shower and go to bed.
Like any 12 year old boy in crises that loves his dad more than anything,  I just did it without question. 
My step mom Margie is an angel. She nursed my pops physically and me mentally.
I walked the desert alone for 400 days. I learned meditation healing the neuroscience of the brain. Andrew Huberman of California is my Musk. If musk can teach himself rocket science I can teach myself how to trick my brain into production of the right chemical to produce happiness.  At first it was healing from trauma.  Now it's the path duration outcome of what we used in athletics to train the muscles and mind to race. I can do it for anything!
Dad died. The story we tell ourselves is the battle of past present future self. My story is dad would have past in April 19 if I was OK. He waited til August. 
My son his beautiful wife and their family set up a fantastic wedding.  The first thing my sister said to me shocked me out of the fog. Jimmy at the hospital with dad when he died I asked you about Austin's wedding.  You looked thru me and I didn't think you could come.
What! Seriously? No way oh cone on I'm fine. OK bro.
The next shock was my son.
At the wedding he said dad your not feeling good? Huh I'm happy talking to everyone. 
Yea dad your great. 
But your not dancing. I thought maybe your not physically feeling well. Oh…
Covid was by far the best thing the economy/government has ever done for me! I was forces to stop. When they shut the car dealers down for 30 days omg.
I went to Charlotte to visit my Cheyenne.  She's fantastic a future mathematics professional for sure. Chey and I played all day for 30 days. Dad please stay.  OK! I call the dealers and find the worst performance in sales. In that business if you want to make a huge impact send a guy that knows how and why with a fantastic attitude to the worst dealership and change happens.  It's best for my bank balances and at this point my self esteem. I needed that.
Of course everything worked out and my accounts mind body and spirit are in fine fiddle.
Yaay! UT oh…what?
Well if Lack is back we all know the car lot is probably not the best place. We all know being a day trader is out. Finance blah..naaa.. money runner. No!
Sales sure..wait what yes! 
OK cool passion running a BMX team training teaching riding..yes! I'm fiddy I can sure. Yes I'm in the shape to run national events…
I'm not in the mood to be laid up for 6 weeks with a clavicle.  So regrettably I'll spectate 
Race cars! Yes I'm back. Omg so much fun but…I forgot how dumb this money thing gers I'll be 200k deep…uff. oh no I just want to ride work out have fun spectators life. OK cool.
Ummm… ya know what? I've never in my life absolutely focused on making money.
My kids could use a fund to start biz my 9 month old grand daughter needs a million for university in 18 years. OK cool let's do that.  Money comes so easy when you have skills passion and we all know 72 hour weeks are kinda fun when your doing your thing.
OK so I dig these 23 year old  athletes with a BA in anything that are kinda pissed they just blew 100k on a degree and are forced to sell cars. A matter of fact it's a match made in heaven. My no plan ad hoc Socratic method drives CPA type management insane. That also give me great pleasure.  As we both know they are not needed. So they are either totally cool to me. Or they blow themselves up and quit on the dealers dime. Any dealership with an entrepreneur owner loves me. The others simply don't.  No hard feelings as they literally say Lack your amazing but… it's not a good fit. My buddies own this and I called them and they want you.
My question is now what? Buy a dealer? This consulting thing leaves my heart empty. 
I'll put it this way.
I had a wonderful conversation with our brother of the August lists Scott Brooks. His business is wonderful! I'm so happy for him. The right path is certainly there.  I noticed his buzz words triggers he utilized explaining how what where and why are absolutely designed to provide 
Cortisol adrenaline dopamine Serotonin 
And Aaaaaa
The love bond men are from mars.Vasaprecin…
Women are from Venus
OK cool so I ask Mr Vic if one of his daughters was it Galt that knows this jazz and can help Lack dial in this program. 
I've done enough work to know. I'm working it to know how.
The last step is to just do it.
Thanks and live this list! It's every state school kids Masters program here. We all know that for trading for a living.
Love, Lack.
Ps. Melvin… hey this was one shot no edit 7am gym parking lot phone fyi. Mr Vic taught me writing isn't worth the profits. However toss some words into a printed package and it makes an amazing biz card huh? I apologize to you publicly as you checked on me 5 times in Florida and now you know why I never showed.
There is a desert in the Cape.


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