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May 12, 2021 |

The great question has yet to be formed.  The question I have is young adults have some sort of mental issue. I believe every human does. To what extent can the Huberman labs explanations of the mind body contract be used to cure?

I'm not interested in helping with mental  illness.  We all know from volunteering with either addicts or X cons there is a line we can not cross.  If the hardware of the brain is broken perhaps only meds can keep then on task.
My question is of the software.  If a young man had an alcoholic abuse mean dad can the reprogramming of the mind body contract work? Or does this kid need years of counseling?
When reading the books in the local college I quickly went spec list crazy with their use of "may" or "suggests" and the head Docs say " they show the signs of"
I prescribed X for sad z for too happy.
What evidence do you have to report at what confidence interval that this "illness" even exists?
Omg their heads explode when I said
"Bear markets do not exist "
My point is one of Mr Vic and the way he looks at market tests and puts a probability on the hypothesis. 
I'm not good enough to see if the papers are correct on mental health. I'm not even going to try and ask the right questions. I read or hear maybe probability and
I quickly call BS. Reading psychology makes me realize ""we do not know how exactly this works but it does.""
Why don't you figure this out and drop the aderol Prozac?
Can we, occoms razor this down to the law of least effort? Can we use neuroscience and athletic training of path duration outcome and teach kids how to work? Can we make the world a better and yes a more profitable place.
Love Lack.
Here is a big idea..
 Let's all put down our side arms and get these August lists back into one.
After talking to a few specs I realized every one loves each other like father son brothers uncles. 
Vic brought us all together.  Put down the petty ideas of openess or being able to use curse words. 
Everyone has daddy issues or cane and able brother wars.
 The love you have for……
For goodness sakes…
..Out of the love you have for your best self. Please!
Let's all get back together on one list one spec party and make my life amazing. 
I love you all more than you can imagine.  Most of you know this about Lack. I do call it as I see it.
As Ms Susan said the day she met me is lack you are real what you see is what you get.
What I see and get from every single member on here for 20 years is self improvement. I learn from everyone.
If not uff.. that sucks.
Going back and forth between lists on and off list is 
Too hard.
Epstiens law of least effort 
"Man satisfies he needs and desires with the least effort "


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