May 7, 2021 |

The river has not yet breached the dam at 4200 at the end of light.

Query: what day in April was the last unemployment released?

Thankfully the bonds receded today from their 20 day hi thereby the bond vigilantes return out of their hiding and drink juice.

The barrel didn't cross the plane .

Apparently the employment situation is favorable tomorrow. 

Pickleball coming to orange county for infrastructure 2 mill . along with just 1/4 million for infrastructure for former president. wife library. I a point of order. having played every racket game a nd according to Hobo Kelly. I was the best ever in the racket games, — the pickle ball top players are better than the comparable camps in paddle tennis and platform tennis. they can all hit backhand volleys flat hard.

All the top pickleball players dive for shots.. I saw pickle ball played in a Pittsburg coliseum that would have held 4 racquetball courts. it had 75 pickleball courts in it. The cost of laying down 1 pickleball court must be 1/100 of the cost of a racquetball court.

A heroical Vic, Few have heard of Carlos Hathcock despite the fact that he’s one of the most accomplished (cont)

Did the Sage give his approval after trying to bring them together in following his harmonious actions in refusing to allow spouse to continue as cocktail waitress?

Checked swing at 4199.50. question for our baseball experts. especially Mr. Bastian. it seems to a rookie like me that Cole on his pitch end up off balance on his left wobbly foot. doesn't this present him from proper defense? what is market analogy? 

Market fouls 4 balls at 4199.50 a quadruple top never holds. guessing that " she will go" she went while I writing this. 



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