May 7, 2021 |

Another reason that I stepped down was that I felt that if I ever mentioned the depth of my feelings against the woke things happening that I would ruin it for Yelena. fortunately, the herd feels that Woke is bull so it didn't hurt my guesses too much. by the way if there is any.

One that has forecasted the market better than we did in the four months we were together, Ill eat my hat. note that we caught the big bearish days when the fed couldn't woke it up. and we were with the weather gage from a continuous 36000 to 4200.

A typical video showing gregarious nature of buffalo that wasn't canceled.

I empathize with the diversity of not Atlanta and coke as far as market goes. so I am a little rusty on baseball. what do they call it when the batter has two strikes against him ,he takes a partial swing? something like did he go for it? please tell me as i love base ball.

The official call is " he went around at 3; 51 ET.

Guess the firmament doesn't like baseball. I lost 20 followers with the baseball checked swing. could it have a nothing to do with coke?

Interesting from the life of Mozart. they had hi frequency musicians in Vienna. when Mozart at 12 yrs scheduled to perform his opera. all the Viennese musicians refused to let him conduct or perform so as not to be embarrassed from the claques in Italy. 


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