May 2, 2021 |

Finally a move through constructal 42000 to new all time high with maximum of big corp capture of crisis mentality. the gradual taking off of masks should exert a ebullience.

Sound waves from Andy Aiken and Vic's pod cast of April 28 exist but no sound has reached human ears. can someone help us transmit our hard thought efforts to the public.

Some biotech, crypto, and SP regularities , and discussion of whether government capital spending trumps private capital spending, - the ebullience of taking off masks, the invasion of individualism recedes 

It seems to me that the 4200 level would be an apt time to revisit all the policies that will stifle innovation ,@ the mutually beneficial voluntary exchange that has led to the tremendous increase in prosperity and decline in poverty over past years . a good ref.

Bastiats parable of the broken window seems highly apt to me. all the 6 trillion of spending mite have led to more productive activates by the public as memorized by the followers of Bastiat, Hayek, Ridley, and Jeremy Siegel


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