April 13, 2021 |

Everything was up today. All the feedback loops are positive. the most bullish thing of all is that now the professional sports leagues and their followers in the big corps will have yet another reason to be one with the idea that has the world in its grip.

As Ridley says the leaders who show the most empathy and are against the most will win the McCartur award or even the Nobel peace award.

And the market's being up 10 days in a row, close toc lose, and 13 items open to close in a row, is quite bullish,4200 SP and of course 30000 Nikkei are in the sights and have the weather gage. and the reasons are exponentially increased by the violence of yesterday.

One demur for asking a favor. but– I have a lot of friends on this site built yup with mutual trust and I believe benefit over many year. but no matter what I tweet, I am losing followers. I believe it is because the algorithms mistakenly believe that I am not woke enough and worse yet I like baseball and the former captain of the Yale baseball team who's edging above the famous sharp golf player. For example when I tweeted that we should all celebrate the Market breaking thru 3100 in the face of tremendous obstacles. I received the greatest response ever for me over 12000 impressions. Yet I lost many subscribers that day. I don't believe it was the bears who gave up on me. Apparently I demurred to the words " stop it, stop it regarding a baseball refraction. Similarly when I allude toe he who must not be mentioned.

For example his suggestion that a traveler in the bush secrete a silver flask with a diamond in lest he be robbed and have no wherewithal l left ( but as Stigler says " beware that you don't get skinned alive in the search for more secreted valuables" 

In any case the favor is this kindly instead of impressioning my tweets or liking it, kindly retweet it. In that way I will counter balance the cascade of algorithmic losses of friend subscribers and will be able to continue tweeting with dignity. Thank you. 


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