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The Archi Huang loss to credit Suisse and Nomura calls into review the famous essay by the great man of the 19th century " the efficacy of Prayer:" Mr. Huang liked to deal with those wearing cross necklaces and when a stock went up he often said " it was blessed by the Good one. On the efficacy of prayer. after careful study of the lives of missionaries and those most prayer for and the rates on annuities for the prayerful, the author concludes " it seems to me clear that all belief in the efficacy of prayer must be yielded:"

"The evidence I have been able to collect ( and it is extensive in 10 fields) bears wholly and solely in the direction( of inefficacy) and in the face of it the onus probandi must henceforth lie on the other side.

What are the chances that the SP will hit rise above 4100 before falling below 4050? a statistically study seems appropriate . of the last 9 where the SP reached a new high in the 80's, eight of them sailed on the hundred before succumbing to the 50"s.( thanks to Susan)

Susan for 45 years has studiously assisted in studies like this and now that she has 1 grand children and counting it is good to see she still can organize and memorialize a study in the spirit of the great quantifier of the 19th century. 


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