April 7, 2021 |

https://studio.youtube.com/video/NXCRJMETC1o/edit invasion of the body snatchers, a very progressive and therefore bull day forthcoming, odds of presidential election changing against former prez. a series of maxs interruptus.

Proverbs from two great men one from the 19th century,1 from the 20th century. the rational optimist.

Mr. tiger where have you been? I've missed you. what do you think about the quintessential American game being politicized. Larry and I would have felt this very bearish. he was " doc Greenspans " thesis adviser and gave me the skinny on its falsity.

The operatives get out of their love hotels and note the humiliations of the Nikkei below 3000 while the SP breaches 4000 with ease on its way to 5000.

To the 10 people who won the search for the great mans quote from 1883 , please bear with me as it will take a week or two to send your prize as I am just a individual trader with no back up without much mobility but as Art Bisguier liked to say " the Hindhu will do.

What he can do>> I believe this was a reference to the great Indian player who beat Capablanca without so much as considering castling as it was not in their rules.

Nobody asked me but there is something loathsome about the official saying " stop it, stop it" in response to legit query. also interesting is the officials apparent failure to remember his treasury secretary's name.

Nobody asked me but there is something out of kilter with a high official trying to increase corporate service rates over the world .

What's the name of Chinese house of rep who always knows the minutes before hand and makes big bet with exotics and where is she now.

Judy chu always seems to have skinny on what's happening with government announce. they used to follow fed open market board to the men's room before open market announcements. some one should put an hour guard around Judy chu before such announcements as coming 200 pm. One guesses she's long until close.

Quote of day " life 'in general may be looked upon as a republic where the individuals ae for the most part unconscious that while they are working for themselves they are also working for the greater good.


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