April 6, 2021 |

Quote of day " the conditions that direct the order of the whole of the living world around us are marked by their persistence in improving the birthright of successive generations " they determine at much cost of individual comfort that each plant and animal shall on.

The general average be endowed at its birth with more suitable individual faculties than those of its representative in the preceding generation" a great man's quote and along with Ridley's idea and its extension the real reason for the 50000 fold a century drift.

https://youtube.com/watch?v=F7xjzAn510s influence of baseball, the day's progressive news, a continuous rise of 150 points et al .

A prize of signed copy of education of a speculator will be given to the first 10 individuals who can finish the next sentence of the optimistic quote of the great man . send to vniederhoffer@gmail.com.

Thank the good one that the odds on the Governor are catching up to the former Prez. Let us hope that a verdictive bitter critique is not forthcoming.

There have been some good detective work on the great man's quote.// Mr. Ze suggests that I give his regards to Mr. Sogi. what are the chances that Mr. Sogi will have to disgorge his cup of Kona today? 

The winners so far are Aiken, Venkatech, Howe, Owen. Ashton, swan, Pitt, Martin, two more you can post here if you couldn't get thru. but don't put any names in it, as one doesn't want to lose any more subscriber friends.

Had a dream based in Mill valley, cal.. I was not a financial adviser but a Dr. The streets outside were empty, for sale signs were up all over. no one was washing windows. and my patients kept coming in with a strange malady. their fathers, kids didn't seem to be the sane anymore.

Mr. Ze was a winner too. 

wsj.com/articles/vaccine-passports-prolong-lockdowns-11617726629?mod=hp_opin_pos_2 how did Harvard let this one get out the door (cont) https://tl.gd/n_1srlbrk.

The world traveler and man of many talents shares what's happening in slab city https://mail.google.com/mail/u/0/#inbox/FMfcgxwLtQNngcbMLNTsNDZljgWpcPTn (cont) https://tl.gd/n_1srlbs3 

The man of many talents and the world traveler once used the match marking sites of his day. He mentioned (cont) https://tl.gd/n_1srlbs7 .

Proverb of day" speaking of defeat: after a couple of losses:: the poorest draw looks like a brilliancy: stick in there ( a very appropriate one for bears who were confronted by a 170 point continuous SP rise and be visited with a 2 point decline today. 


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