March 27, 2021 |

Proverb of day. particularly apt for last 3 days - down a cumulative 2.5%, "your game is often less strong in the ending than it appears in the opening - the truth of the matter is that it was lost in the muddle".

One of those irrational reaction. tapering in play. ultimately. that's supposed to bearish for bonds as fed doesn't buy more debt and sell some. but bonds don't go down. but stocks dol. what is the reason? does the liquidity from bonds go directly to stocks?

One nost Germany just down 0.15 %. the sogi level of 3850 is in play. excessive bear in stock in my opinion, buying some before below the sogi level of 3850. one notes bonds finally down 3 tick before was up 10 tips for day. what are chances of blue day if not today then tomorrow.

If it was good for silage and vig and busted spec overnight like at 430am est then why not create some transactions and especially vig now.

The end game didn't work for 75 pts and last 3 games. perhaps a refutation of the infrastructures defense this time.


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