March 23, 2021 |

Proverb of day : if I hadn't gone there:; if I hadn't made that capture: if I hadn't sacrificed a piece: if it were not for the "ifs "wed all be champions.

The stimulus twins testify today. that; must be why bonds going thru roof. problem may be their outsized contribution to a certain governors association.

If I hadn't waited to buy after the opening, if I had bought crude when I wanted to down 270 on the day, if I hadn't waited until cancel gardener said the economy was no god, if I had been , if I hadn't up at 500 am when the SP was hitting 3910, if I hadn't suggested that the basketball team Liberty change its name as its not in keeping with the Tripoli,, if I had bought Nasdaq instead of SP, if I hadn't been turned off buying so because the Nikkei was down big–

Proverb of day. the race is not to the swiftest, nor the slowest. the laurel wreath is awarded to the steadiest and the surest.

It was a blue day yesterday and so far its blue also. with Nasdaq in the green.

Gentlemen get computer warning from love hotel at 28300 Nikkei.


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