March 19, 2021 |

Thank you very much. I was able to shave and then have a refreshing cup with Mr. Sogi virtually. trader we will pay half and whenever you're ready were game.

For those who just found my twitter I am a shooting star could be canceled at any time as the algorithm's mistakenly believe i am not progressive enough so your following me mite be ephemeral 

Mr. Woland asks me to o pine on an article which says that foreign bonds a re much more attractive than us bonds. I am not an expert on this. but after a 30 big point decline in bonds I would hesitate to be overly bearish on them. the fed is in a pair of pants on bonds.

As mentioned. eventually they will have to stop raising rates as it will hurt the vote buying. as for foreign bonds being much more attractive, the yields are all equilibrated by the forward rates in currencies. so where it look like you are getting extra yields.

In foreign bonds you are expected to lose a much in the exchange rate. I apologize if this is too naïve and doesn't answer your question but I am not astute enough to digest a erudite study in a disparate field with my ageism and stroke. 

Proverb of the day" chess and checkers represent our intellectual nourishment. they are available to all, and they are ours for the taking. Some take to chess, and some take to checkers, like a fish to water" and a few hardy souls like Harry Pillsbury( who could play 30 game.

Pillsbury could play 30 games simultaneously blind folded while engaged in a game of ping pong and exchanging share repartee) develop ability in both games. However, the majority of players are content to play and master one of these great games: although the masters do not.

The masters do no really master either game. Life is too short for either game) Tom Wiswell.

Big cons in the market and life. importance of reducing vig by going for big gains or losses, the best western book of all time, intro to Elmer Kelton, and a meal for limited time on triple witching hour, books my family owned the role of police et al.

Shocking decline Nikkei down2.5% over night. From re sofar green with bonds and stocks. crude say above 60.00. Ms. Harries 50% more likely to be president in 2024 than Mr. Biden according to betting odds. Harvard pretends to be caring of Asians.

The round number couldn't be prenumbered.. the prediction of an up opening was wrong by 8 big pts. grains and crude are up.. bullish vibes for the future especially next week. how low can the fed force bonds down to increase service rates and wealth penalty.

Proverb of day: when you beat players on the way up, let them down gently: you are sure to meet them again.. on the way down. and a bonus: don't play on a heavy meal: a hungry player is a good player.

Beware of getting in over your head so that your brokerage or clearing firm can close you out without notice.

Today was one of those days where you keep looking at the screen after the close, and thinking that some final ticks are missing — and sure to come in a few minutes.


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