March 19, 2021 |

Aftermath of open market meeting, bond vigilantes bring bond down to 153 handle. Nikkei reaches 303000 but then recedes to 299254 now. stock market has nice 2% decline form 3980 high. a bad day for woke .There creating recrimination Damocles sword hangs over chance gardener.

Dr. cattle " its a race between the virus and the vaccine, "could be better in 2022.

Any ideas that were based on the rally fizzling at yesterday's close are vitiated,

Mr. ag trader. can we interview you at 5pm Est time. We admire a man who speaks plain truth.

When I was in my prime, my uncle Roy worked for us and was then as always very facile with the computers. at age of 13 he had produced 100 games and had 10 brights from great neck south working for him. He produced voice program that was triggered by prices . and Paul Derosa said it was better than any trading manager. one of the computer vocalizations was " how Loo can bonds go " it is relevant. and we humbly request an interview with Mr. ag trader to augment the computer.

Mr James Altucher worked for us also. and I complement him on one foot he most deceptive door openers that I have ever had the gullibility to be exposed to. ill finish the story when I drink my coffee.

The funny thing about the door opener that induced the hire is that I believe MR. Alutcher would be very proud of it to this day it is. Speaking of Mr. Altucher one must point to the several years that MR. Adam Robinson worked for us. He often played chess with Art beguiler.

Its anyone's game as of 11 pm Est


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