March 17, 2021 |

Last on3 on 1 -22 opened down 48 big pts and then went down 88 from there that would be good for anyone including the croc hunters.

"If you cut off the tall trees the tulips will grow" chance gardener.

Thanks goodness the germens and Japanese were forewarned.

What we can all agree on is if all humans were ordered to sleep with mask's and never get out of bed , the climate would be much better and the virus would be checked. And this doesn't only apply to 2 year old but to new born and old folks also.

I am leaving the table to study checkers proverbs. you can play my hand but at your risk .

While I'm away from the table I'll have a serving of dairy queen milk shake and I'll study all Geico advertisements over the past years to see if they are the apotheosis of the sage's contempt for the common man and call for increased service rates. 

Proverb of the day " if you want to be certain of your position, begin by doubting it" tom would apply that himself . In any hard fought game he'd stop and thoughtfully say " I'm in over my head . I better simplify: tom was undefeated for 25 years while he was world champion.

The funny thing is that all good checker players learn to think 40 moves or so forward. so when a good player says the ending is ambiguous I better simplify he's often thinking 4o moves in advance or several alternative paths depending which for the opponent takes. that's why checkers is a game of exactitude. to say nothing about how a good player will know the book and in the old days have a manuscript with thousands of games.

As Tom says so common is the game of checkers that its profundity if to the lay mind an unreality— a kind of harmless fiction. to the student the wonders of the board are astonishing realities. how a pair of pants swayed the folks at Fed to raise interest rates and goose stocks. a solution to climate change, what should be your stopping rule, the influence of luck. the wisdom of Odysseus, arousal of cuome, woke cubed to fan service rates. 



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