March 17, 2021 |

Tune in to blog for relation of birds to market, arousal, eating their own, contagious of me too, Brooklyn college losing 85 to -3 to Notra Dame.

Unsolicited guidance for Elon Musk. Follow the blazing path of the Palindrome, the fang founders, the Sage, - be more progressive in your statements, shout out for me service duties on the wealthy. Hank Reardon was destroyed.

I do like a man like Mr. ag trader who tells you right out what's going to happen. don't we all. And the man that's telling the truth when he says he is not, I distrust most of all because that's going contrary to the laws of nature. said the fat man.

The fed is in a pair of pants now. they want to help the progressives along to raise taxes on the above average. so if they knock interest rates down again they can make the case that they better not tighten money or reserve rules or threaten not to buy all the debt.

From innumerable stimulus bills. all rite they want to help the current admin along by increasing interest rates to an unsustainable level( like 3 of the long bond(.but if they do that , they have to make sure that the stocks don't go down 1200 big points like last. So they must change the language or the projections so that its' good for stocks and bad for bonds. What's the sports analogy of the situation the fed is in?

One thing for sure they can count on the bi-partisan congressional budget office to predict that raising taxes will reduce the deficit. you see since they cant use dynamic scoring if taxes were raised to 100% say from their current level of 50% ,they would score it as they would score it as a 500% increase in service revenues received over 5 year. thus no more deficit. if the CDC goes along and they're fellow travelers so that's for sure, they could eliminate all humans from getting out of bed in morning and stay there. with no activity. Not only would the deficit go to zero, but the climate would get colder and carbon emissions would be lower. of course I am very woke because the more it's woke the better for stock market and most of my much needed wealth since I am retired is in the stock market held back the announcement (I think based on a little bird who knows) to sink the former prez.

Proverb of day from Tom Wiswell : no victory depends on chance; instead, skill, science, and study are the winning watch words.


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