March 15, 2021 |

Guaranteed to happen : the "non-partisan" committee will calculate that a wealth tax on those with wealth above 1million will generate 2 trillion in extra taxes in 5 years provided anyone who reduces wealth goes to jail. dynamic scoring will not be allowed.

Mr. Sogi do you take your Kona coffee with milk, sugar, or ice cream for a celebration.

Art disguiser in our chess games when I took four minutes to think after getting myself into an unfathomable , and untenable position would shake his head and say " now you're thinking ?!!!" 

I hasten to add that I could never give Art a god game. I never became a decent chess player. I took the game and lessons up when the Palindrome asked ordered me to play a game. the Palindrome once beat Art in a game. Nigel Davies toyed with Art who by that time was in 70's

In my defense I am a mediocre checker payer and took lessons for 25 years weekly from the great Tom Wiswell. 

Art won the national Jr. national open and National senior championships and beat Reshefsky a few times.

I arranged for Art to teach chess to the Palindrome and his family, but the Palindrome called a halt to it as Art was self taught and had no system although he could annotate the history of any men going back t the 19th century.

Free associations Hand size as a door opener with young high heeled blonds with dress: no dynamic scoring allowed in "non-partisan congressional budget office– importance of break thru to new high and fast conquering of 50's level for SP and Bitcoin. remember you cant.

You cant have breakfast all day . and the Sogi level can bed a magnet both ways. anyway Kona coffee all around. new all time high for SP after 30 days of waiting. you cant have breakfast all day at 26: 54 second into performance.


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