March 15, 2021 |

Grocery store workers are working, meat packers are working, hell bars and restaurants are open in many (cont) is max interruptus bull or bear. Sennett victor blog will have answer today as well as non-overlapping expectations for key markets wen in habitat or Nas down and SP up.

One can imagine the delays that would have been visited on the vaccines if the CDC, and FDA had their way before " early Nov" guaranteed to happen: dr. cattle says that climate change will create more pandemics. 2the Fed twins will call for more stimulus. 3 the irascible governor will be given 100 times more latitude than one who was not poster boy for anti-former. 4. sec. defense diversity. While were at it, what to expect from the fed vis ai vis serial correlation on on 5 pm. march 15 pod.

Guaranteed to happen : the "non-partisan" committee will calculate that a wealth tax on those with wealth above 1million will generate 2 trillion in extra taxes in 5 years provided anyone who reduces wealth goes to jail. dynamic scoring will not be allowed.


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