March 12, 2021 |

Good movie on video , Kurt Vonnegot, the more you lose in sales, the more I give you of other peoples money. lesson on difference between sales and profits appropriate.

Keys to game. 1 will the SP break old high of 3954 set on 2 -15 -2021.

The more woke the more bull… suppression of impairment, forgiveness for certain farmers,, steady beat of the relentless rise to new highs, long time between drinks, money to certain groups , banning of right to work.

Finally the tech assuming their rightful lead over old faithful's . a la mode de rigeur, the way woke world should be.

The number of susceptible, those not already vaccinated to woke is keeps getting smaller. will there be enough to bring the SP to new high or will the market succumb to the English disease. 

Very thoughtful and valuable discussion of checker playing and proverbs on last two videos of Sennetttniederhoffer .


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