March 11, 2021 | the more stimulus bill. the more you lose in 2020 ,the more I pay.

Find out about the romantic life of the 3 greatest composers of the 19th century.

"Ex food and energy" 1.4% for hermits. Speaking of hermits a helpful hint from Forgotten Books
Forgotten Books may be the answer to the rest of your free time from the distant past. It is online or paper books from 1920 or prior to the 1. everything's  groovy. perhaps a Barron Coleman day, everything is woke.

Adding insult to injury Roger Clemens
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Scooping up a piece of Piazza's shattered bat, Clemens tossed it in the direction of the former catcher, making it look like he was intentionally trying to hurt the guy—which was probably his plan. 

Beethoven trained a telescope on school so he could be sure that Karl towed the mark and that the school treated him well. Have often followed on those footsteps to make sure my kids were being treated well by their school. before that my father did the same for me " The principal always said to me " you should know better your father is a cop" the principal of my high school tried with all his mte to get me not admitted to Harvard. he ran a competitive tutoring service. the more stimulus bill. the more you lose in 2020 ,the more I pay.


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