March 8, 2021 |

K SUBSCRIBER, 6 minutes ago
These guys are clueless. No inflation?? Slack labor market???
Visit the world of manufacturing, with chronic shortages of everything, including skilled labor, and prices on everything going up 5-30%
Likethumb_up3 a very sagacious wsj reader.

I feel much secure with the thousands of national guard guarding the capital. it makes me doubly happy that there will be a stimulus bill. let us hope the statisticians return from camp kinder so that they can put the final touches on the need for employment.

The most bullish thing is the revulsion that thinking people will feel towards a certain letter to the wsj blaming others for the plight we are in now. this will love a significant number of voters who are needed to reverse the turn to agrarianism. protection from the putative takeover of the capital by the Guard.

The market is content with breaking on constructal level and one Sogi and flirts with second Sogi only to demur for some Kona coffee.

We let it all hang out. Japanese love hotels, big minima, forcing the weak out , total 8% move today better than entire move for year. all the woke things that fostered market along.


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