March 8, 2021 |

Nikkei refuses to stay below 29000.

Hello Mr. Sogi, perhaps we will meet in virtual Japan.

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Hello Mr. Sogi waves had a undertow. only 2 down to 1 am and 1o up after a bad previous day before employ I forgot to say that everything depends on the Nikkei. ca they keep the support as they did yesterday before capitulating Nikkei low is 28300.

Key to the game 1. the Japanese lose face by allowing the Nikkei to stay below 29000. 2. will the people at a certain bureau put the final touché on the number to insure that the stimulus bill is imperative especially planned parenthood and the relief for gov workers. Gov workers with children going to school online. Should they receive paid staycation for life like deserving farmers of color


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