February 28, 2021 |

Looking at the 10year bond rates I see a roughly 1.5% yield and another 0.9% from rolling down the yield curve. Total carry ~2.4%
If you adjust that to match equity volatility you get multiplier of 2. So on vol/risk/duration adjusted basis bonds have 4.8% yield
Looking at 4.5%.
I see it stands at 4.5%. Bonds have become again an equity competitor. Perhaps this is the start of the move of tectonic plates a thoughtful post from a though person Mr. Theo.

Turns out there is a very significant and useful regularity for the first day of month. however, despite the strenuous and perhaps not appreciated efforts of Ms. Sennett and myself, very few people are viewing our pods relative to our efforts. thus, if Ms. Sennett will.

Contact me we will put up a very short special Sunday video and report the regularity on our podcast.

Desperate old lions fighting to hold off the young lions gradually making them obsolete.  The regularity is not obvious and I have not seen it elsewhere

Mr. Kennedy Fuld Jr. asks who is MR. Sogi? he is a man for all seasons who surfs and observes much about the gravitationally impact of 50's , and loves a good coffee among other things. he is interviewed in our videos.

Mr. Tdt aske me if I have been drinking. I never drink within weeks of trading because drinking like orgasms makes you too loose and too easy going to ascend the hard road to trading for a profit. 


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