February 26, 2021 |

A note passed to chance gardener before hearings., somethings not rite? you cant just support the them. "Show them your force" captain Aubrey.

What tom would whisper to chance gardener " we're in over our head . better simplify. "" interrupt eggs benedict breakfast with woke counterpart? 

Professor Biden can you catch a basketball with chop sticks? The professor matriculated at mit hoping to play on the basketball team. but he couldn't afford the price of sneakers and mit policy prohibited any financial aid to athletes.

Bonds creeping up from 16000 handle, lunch interrupted in fed dining hall? A visit with Pres adviser? what will happen to all the earmarks and pork in stimulus bill? The more woke the more bull.

One can pretend to see all and be pleased that bonds are back in 16000 handle proving that a man who doesn't know gnp for the last quarter and has no training in e economics can not jolly bonds to ever higher levels by emphasizing that the stimulus is needed. 

Recall that on a one day binary forecast the red days are most bull for Sp ( as documented on Tues feb23 video apologies for the tec glitches on Feb 24 video but what was said about frog and constructal numbers and Japanese resilience is timeless despite my lapses. 


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