February 24, 2021 |

There stands Mr. Sogi teetering amid the waves will the Nikke tide be helpful?

The Japanese never give up. the bull market remains intact.

Helllo Dr. bejan. have the yellowed you to see any basketball lately. 

After 3 bad years in early 2000's QQQ outperformed SPY by a large amount. this chart is referred to in our video giving up dates of performance of best stocks versus worst. growth wins out. good thing to do is to replace spider with qqq I think 

Welcome back to Dr Castaldo from Italy after 5 months with his parents. the chart and data is his handiwork.  

youtube.com/watch?v=acVLNQG_YVo Nikkei never surrender, Nasdaq versus spider.

Insights into startling offensive behavior, gestalt psychology, the Nikkei never surrendering a 30000, growth versus value over 20 years, very woke day good for market, and prediction as to when 39000 will be breached.

Must have been some heavy broker would have liquidated you when margin reduced to 3000.. but never complain you would have had 2 minutes to get a bank wire to them at 940.


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