February 15, 2021 |

Many construtal goals achieved today Nikkei 30000, crude 60000, bonds 16500 - /

I'll take the plunge and reduce all my longs to 0%.. also a sogi at 3950, only waiting for bitcoins 50000 to complete harmonization. but you cant have everything SP up about 10 days in row.

Mr Ag trades notes that I've achieved more follower today than in the past 2 years combined.. " why" algo must have finally seen my repeated posts " the more woke we were the more bullish it is".

even Jim Lorie once closed out his longs in early 1987. He sold at 320 sp.. he held not long until SP 450 until October 19/1987 then when baker did it and SP swooned to 320 again he covered his shorts alngnd vowed never to remain less than 200%.

Back lash against Florida to ban travel so as not to let certain states of another color look bad. Reminds me of Hobo keeley said " I should pay him to be around me because he's the only person that makes me look good in comparison.

Grandfather's martin's working as Irving berlin's accountant before trading with the boy wonder as I hold shorts.


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