February 15, 2021 |

Nobody aske me but there is more and more buzz about interest rates going up . expect the 165 handle on Monday.

Example of Florida and its heroes receiving "short stick " these days https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Henry_Flagler 

One is calling for a substantial decline in sp starting in a few days. what would be a good place to maintains assets in for the duration rather than shorting sp which is ruinous, deathly, and against the drift.

Nobody asked me but sessile predators ,( carnivores e.g) get more prey per effort t than mobile predators. would the same apply to markets?

Cattle trader who is usually right on point calls for a crash?? that's very dangerous and ruinous. so many I know have called for same and ended in the hoosegow. Be very careful with a exact non-delphic prediction like that. 

2 thins. Please remember not to send me things that could be construed as non- woke. like the shout that Florida mentons are becoming increasingly woke. 2 what is Mr. Wallon lately my most sensible followed.



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