February 11, 2021 |

So far this month start out with a green ,then 4 yellows in a row. then green yellow green. Somehow SP gone up 8 days in a row.

You have to hand it to chance gardener. He's been consistently talking about how employment is a long way down from where it should be including before the election and yesterday.. so far I've seen no talk about replacing him. 

https://foxnews.com/us/fort-worth-texas-vehicle-freeway-crash-fatalities-injuries nobody asked me but all over we are getting reports of unusually cold climate conditions, never happened in fort worth"  Nobody asked me but the horde of new investors opened by Robin Hood and their ilk is a boo for the infra structure as they will pay inordinate bid asked spreads and concentrate their volume near the highs, and give shrewd brokers a chance to margin them into oblivion.

Nobody asked me but the so by some measures has gone up 8 days in a row that's neutral but for sure it has gone up 8 two days in a row. that  happened 8 times since 2011 . slightly neutral for the two day at the close of SP to be up it would have to close at 4pm est at 3909. I use the 415 as close.

Nobody aske me but in addition to foregoing notifying me of non-work things, readers should forego sending me things about global cooling as presumably the powers that be will punish all by taking away followed. I has lost most than 1000 followers in past 2 months.

Thank you as my venerable father used to say " I will be the healthiest person 6 feet under"

Bill was a great marital arts man practiced boxing every day, made more than 8000 arrests.( may have been a record) he would punch himself on head hard a nd then asked al the people I the bar whether they wished to go peacefully. And thus the selfish price end sup by 0.25 and stays within a 0.50 range from Monday close to Thursday close. I t induces many progeny to share it's price on the pod cast today i mistakenly said it was very bearish. However, it doesn't become very bearish until the 18th or 20th of this month. nothing now to stop the bull market. but near the end of February express according to the stats a tremendous decline.

Left out from your analysis is that  market tell the story of inflation. almost all markets from grains to livestock to  cattle to every stock market with the Nikei approaching 3000 and the us approaching 40000 are at all time high including crude at a 11  month high and up.

https://econlib.org/hume-hockey-sticks-and-the-great-forgetting/ article saying that inflation is danger without taking into account commodity prices.

I played a hard game of tennis doubles against George Schults and George Tigler. with Jim Lorie as my partner . they were both very fine gentleman and fine tennis players B+. they both were instrumental in my career as well. problem was that Jim had very bad eyesight and called a serve as Tigler's out which was clearly in. I dint want too correct Jim because it would have embarrassed him and both the George's vowed correctly never to play us again. I still regret my silence 60 years later.


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