February 9, 2021 |

Tremendous abundance of green on screet, partridge. " its's a bull market"

Hope is father to the thought. There have been 17 occasions since 2011 where we had exactly 4 yellows in a row.. 3 days later the sp is up 70% of time slightly positive expect.

Something has to happen.. the range since the 6 pm open is only 10 points not enough for members to relieve the weak of chips from being undercapitalized.

The older we get' the better we were. I won the us nationals 10 times in a row ( counting the 5 times I didn't play because of faith base restrictions. what more could I have done. 

Regrettably I was taught to slide the backhand .with a proper backhand I believe I would have been equal to or surpassed Sharif who is a fine gentleman unfortunate now afflicted with a stroke like me.



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