February 5, 2021 |

A shocking day with every market u p a little with little or no range and bonds refusing to hit the `at 167 handle which would be 3 month low as meeting with the great deceiver beckons.

The next time the Bpttp, feeders dare tp take on the infrastructures, there will be great hesitation. presumably that will be emphasized at the ageist meeting today.

https://m.timesofindia.com/city/mumbai/bees-halt-hungry-elephants-eyeing-crops-cut-human-animal-conflict/amp_articleshow/80609181.cms the bees had their day against the infrastructure.

The only question is with a low range like firm from 3840 to 3825 over night, how do the members generate churng and vig. one thing for sure . it will be unusual. 

The us mint is limiting purchases so that only selected dealers can buy it. what else is new. The drive to protect the publics from itself in all areas especially at the -da.

twitter.com/tylercowen/header_photo anything by Tyler cowen is worth reading. here's one of his books that explains the reason that Nasdaq is up and value stocks bring up he rear.


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