For the past few months, I enjoyed a few satellite channels out of Europe.  Two outstanding are Arte and 3Sat, both public broadcasting with no commercials.  Not sure how well-known they are outside of Europe - I had not seen them before.  3Sat is German and in German (https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/3sat).  Arte is a joint operation of Germany and France (https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arte) and in both German and French.  Both have excellent programs of nature, culture, art, science, history, music and fine films from across the world.  For instance, 3Sat had a full day of operas on New Year's day.  And what's best is they have subtitles for operas, so one gets understanding of the dramas.  Last night, it had Monteverdi's opera L'orfeo with excellent performance.  I had not much experience with music that early, composed some 70 years before Vivaldi's birth.

For outside of Europe, they both have apps on Android (not sure about Apple) providing past and even current programs.  Arte app also allows English subtitles.  Some programs are restricted to certain regions, but perhaps one can access them via VPN.


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