Electioral Accounting

January 12, 2021 |


Victor Niederhoffer  writes:

How many things can you think of that were not cricket in the recent election https://thenewdaily.com.au/sport/cricket/2018/03/28/underarm-bowling-incident/

Stefan Jovanovich  writes:

In terms of electoral accounting, this was a particularly nasty
election; but it was hardly exceptional. Compared to what happened in
New York in 1884, the cheating by the Democrats in Pennsylvania in 2020
barely rises above the level of "if you ain't cheating, you ain't competing" which has been the standard ever since the qualifications for
voting stopped including property ownership (the 1820s).

Victor Niederhoffer  writes: 

Herb London used to say that  1/2 million votes were always relieved in NYC election for governors. its was a hard takes for him 50% of the
electorate worked for noon- service paying orgs like the un or the  city
and state govs. Add in the 500000 votes and he was behind 60%  of
votes before  the Staten Island politician could eviscerate hims
further. but what  i was referring to was the " not cricket :" like the
delay in the big pharma announcement and the  stimulus bill and the Dr.
cattle   propaganda and the suppression of news about the son.

Stefan Jovanovich  writes:

Yes.  There is nothing in that 19th century election - even the
propaganda against Blaine for being "anti-Catholic" - that comes close
to what we have lived through in the age of democracy not dying in


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