January 8, 2021 |

My picture of the chairs office without room for a private hairdresser was in bad taste as i came during the protests i apologize, what I said about g and s having more freedom to ridicule the unified gov than we have was true but it was inappropriate at moment.

During the march of the peers in Iolanthe G and S HAD Them costume and masked as infamous peers of the day. i performed in the show 60 years ago directed by Nancy Lorie, Jim's first wife who every year directed a different G and S show as a fund raiser for the Lab school. Imagine a performance today with some peers dressed as persons of color, others in orange,, and a personage of age with her hair in curlers.

Quant points out that last night. I was bearish because of increase service rates spending and progressive control of capital and the dire prospects for R's in future. I was wrong,after being bull for 1000 pts first rise today before playing it for the contractual 3800.

I am very fallible especially when I relate market to qualitative things and when I give up buy and hold.


Stocks at an all-time high, bonds at a 7 month low. NASDAQ at an all-time high near a constructal number of 13,000. Stick to buy-and-hold and don't be swayed by qualitative bad news. 


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