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You can't give a beaten dog a break. All the news that the incumbent cased for just 11000 votes is a terrible bowdlerizing of what the conference calls was. the incumbent presented 8 strands of falsity in the tallys including one by a notorious ballot stuffer. And he said that given he claims and will document hundreds of thousands of votes taken away from him or falsely given to the challenger. ,, all he need sis 11000 votes; the conference call was secretly recorded by the republicans on the voting committee in Georgia. why?

Your own man. on the Spe list we have had any discussions of the street game where there is a dispute about a call and the other side points out that "your own man " said you were out. Secretary Raffenberger and the other repubs are perfect example of that.. they are obviously trying their hardest to sink the incumbent whole claiming that the voted for r's etc. and that they recounted twice. The leaked tape t o embarrass the incumbent and the 25 calls he made unrequited is another indicia. the dee p state and the swamp are contagious not only is 95% against the r's because they among other things they are paid by increasing government but they are hauling out every technique form street games and other games of duplicate to make it seems that they are non-partisan crude joins t he fray at construal number and inflationary signal that academic research will be hauled out to show it don't matter with everything else at high also change in form and tempo and wokity Tech will not have as clear sailing to use their big horns to out compete non-tech business. should be reversal of form for value stocks another change in form in favor of big horns.

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Actually the disaster is going to occur if the Democrats: stack the Supreme Court, continue to support the black victimization industry, bail out the free-spending and almost bankrupt Democratic states of Connecticut, New Jersey, and Illinois.

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Cancel student debt, bring in Medicare for all having already trashed a good part of the private health insurance market with Obamacare, re-enter Iran nuclear deal, keep cozying up to Cuba, continue bleeding the military budget to pay for domestic.

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Defund the police, excuse self important intelligentsia that all white people are racist, continue to block charter schools, be hostage to teachers unions, consolidate more power in wash" Why the market is down 35 since D'S won Georgia.

Niederhoffer Sennett Daily Market Web 2021/01/05 https://youtu.be/S1d6WcCOeMk via @YouTube

Nie discussion of trend following unindividual stocks, the three greatest investors, bitcoin as sponge for woke and inflation, what really happened in conf call, inflation galore, big horn sheep as big tech, "your own man" et al in Jan 5 sonnet Vic podcast. Yes the great genius chess champion often played chess at w.4th street beach while I played paddles a block away, unfortunately the water didn't transmit his genius to me, but I had seven wonderful kids more than he amazing that at of 11 30 pm from 6pm,est the  Sp futures have swung above and below the construal number of 3700 8 times— doing it again as I write- 


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