Perfect Example

January 5, 2021 |

Victor Niederhoffer  writes: 

Of our favorite technique from street games " your own ma" the r's in Georgia  loudly proclaim that they voted r's but at the same time they are obviously string their hardest to sink the incumbent.  How can you fight the system when everyone is against you and they are hauling out every technique to make you look bad. Who is this notorious ballot stuffer that the   Georgia elected official had in a prominent position. And which the incumbent said was alone in the office with the suitcase of 100% voted or d's. the conference call claimed 7 or 7 deferent kinds of abuse and it was taken out of context by all media to say that the incumbent want just 11000 votes. I often was visited with a biased referee in squash who was against me because I was not from Merior or the prep schools or because I was Jewish. Osborne tried to help me. and I still remember how the finals of the championship was stolen from me when the referee called a ball down on me which he had never done. In other words, play was going on and there was no appeal but he shout out down. It doesn't seem important in retrospect but it prevent me from winning the world championship when I was 18 years old. the incumbent has to fight 4 millions against him and the forces against him are contagious to make matters worse.

Zubin Al  writes: 

Indeed, it’s the coordinated powers of the world against one man (a man in the most powerful position in the world). Trump has been an existential threat to China’s path to economic superpower status, an existential threat to the Climate Action 100+ coordination/cooperation, and an existential threat to the swamp. To what extent would they go to remove him?  It seems we are seeing it. “Whatever it takes.”  Tomorrow and the days ahead may be total chaos.


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