January 4, 2021 |

There is something poetic, inevitable, fateful, and nonstructural about the year end closing prices for markets. Every market closed at a absolute high. the grains, the softs, the meats, the European stocks, the Japanese, the SP and the Nasdaq. just the bonds at 17300 in middle the of last day of year was in a sense recap of the whole year. the SP was down 1/2 % at 4:am but then went up 1% to a new high at the close. and all this happened with wokenss at a high. The betting odds now favor the d's to win in Georgia and control everything. The Fang controlled 40% of the increase in wealth of the SP in line with Pareto's law. The Pres was at the height of popularity and the nadir. What can we see excet that the Markets loves socialism. the cancel culture of the university and the media and the education system, the contagion of living in the swamp, with 95% in favor of the deep state has reached a climax of wokenss and wealth for all the progenitors. those who saw a disastrous drop in business and a terrible precedent for individuality and capitalism led from behind. Its a topsy turvy world.

what will be have for next year. a big rise in December has been quite bull until end of Fed according to seasonal. with everything else topsy turvy we dare not predict beyond the technical.

I could add to the all time highs as readers have pointed out, the European and Japanese currencies and the real estate in non-coastal cities. perhaps the bell weather was bitcoin the new signaler of inflation and wokenss to come closing at 29400 and dragging old fashioness conservative gold to a 1 month high of 1900.

An excellent study of trend following in individual stocks https://cis.upenn.edu/~mkearns/finread/trend.pdf from 2005. anyone have an update?

I see that my former tennis partner noble winner has study that value stocks out perform growth stocks . I've found that nothing he reports is valid and would guess that growth stocks on a going forward basis will continue to outperf as Nas outperformed SP by 22% this year.


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