Private Jet Indicator

December 31, 2020 |

Zubin Al  writes: 

Each year I like to count the number of private jets parked during the holidays at the local FBO.  Many of the worlds richest people have homes here such as Bill Gates, Roberts of KKR, Charles Schwab, The Go Daddy guy, Dave Roux of Silverlake Partners…  and they all have private jets. The theory is that the rich know what's going on with the economy and is a tell for the future.

There are notably fewer jets this year. I counted 18 on Christmas and will update later today  on my way to foil big waves at the beach past the airport.  Usually the lot overflows to park jets on Maui and Oahu with 40 or more.

My take (and in theory the captain's of industry take)  is that this thing is not going to be over this next year, and will drag on.

Victor Niederhoffer  writes: 

Mr. Sogi I have had  numerous requests to interrupt you on my blog. when and  would you be a good time for that?

Zubin Al  writes: 

Usually around 1 pm Hawaii Time, maybe next week would be fine.  I just ask that you don't put me on the "spot" as you normally do when you ask me questions.  Pitch me some lobs for easy answers so I can avoid sounding too bad. 





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